Vegetables Fighting


Vegetables Fighting is a Beat’em all multiplayer game.

You are the vegetables team. and you have to fight against the GMOs vegetables.
Detroy, cut, burn them all and destroy the GMO’s capsule !
3 levels, 3 levels of difficulty, Hi-scores.

Have fun alone or with a friend (2 players mode).
Game made for fun by funny guys for funny players.

How To play:

Player 1: Use arrows to move your character. Use CRTL to punch
Player 2: Use ZQSD (azerty mode) to move. Use G to punch

Awards :

  • 2008 : 5th best student game submited on WhoseGame’s contest 2008

Developpement :

Year : 2006


  • Benoit Freslon: Game Design, Game Engine
  • Clément S.: Sound Design, ActionScript
  • Christophe G.: 2D artist
  • Sébastien B.: 2D artist