Space Rangers

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This game is a prototype with lot of bugs created with Game Maker 7.

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Space Rangers is a Tower Defence game with Starship Troopers background.
The scene takes place on mars. You have to escap from the planet. Unfortunately your main ship is broken.
Use your ressources to repair your ship or to protect the ship againt creeps waves.

Good luck.

How to play

Use Keybord you pan camera
Click on a tower icon and click on the empty emplacement to build a tower.
Upgrade them by clicking on the tower and click on the Upgrade button on the HUD.
Use the Nuke button to destroy all creeps on the battlefield.



  • Benoit Freslon : Game Design, coding
  • Aurélien Larue : Game Design, coding, sound design
  • Sebastien Di Ruzza : Game Design, 2D artist
  • Marc Morris : Game Design, 2D artist