Roll and Jump

Android (gratuit) :


Roll and Jump is a skill game where the goal is to climb as high as possible by jumping from a rolling circle to another.

Clim and do the highest score as possible.
You can do a wall jump, a double jump or activate slow motion!

4 successive circles (4 combo) = +1 point multiplicator
If you touch a wall or a yellow circle you lose 1 point multiplicator.
However slow motion cost 1 combo.

2 game modes avaliable :
Challenge : no time limit
Time Attack : 60″ limit

How to play

Use « LEFT CLICK » to jump or do a double jump.
Use « SPACE BAR » to activate slow motion
The « S » key switch sound.

Development :

Year : June 2009


  • Benoit Freslon: Game Design, ActionScript, 2D art, sound design,