Elekt0r K0ntrol

Nickname : guest
Password : guest


This game is a prototype.
Elektor Kontrol is an action puzzle game like Lemmings.
The objective is simple: you have to help the « electors » to go to the office because all electors are zombies.
You can save all stopped electors by touched them with another.

How to play

Like Lemmings you have to give orders on characters. The orders are on the right side, click on the order then click on a moving elector.

Orders list :

  • Pee on fire to remove the fire
  • Redirect moving elector on 4 directions (up, down, left, right)
  • Remove order
  • Destroy barrier
  • Stop a gap (sacrifice an elector)
  • Swim

You can create your own level with the level editor.