Take Something Literally 2 (wip): looking for funny rewards

screenshotI almost finished to develop Take Something Literally 2 but I would like to add some special rewards.
Actually i’m looking for 5 funny rewards: 1 reward if you complete 5 puzzles. (see the screenshot).
As you can see with Take Something Literally 1 I try to create original puzzles with original rewards.
The previous ending reward was this one : Keyboard cat

I’m looking for youtube videos, please post a comment with your link(s).
Try to find an original funny movie: no advertising, no copyrighted movie,
no more 3 min.

Thank you.

Take something literally, new concept, and new community


In this game you don’t kill zombies or nazies. You don’t build tower to stop monsters. You just use your brain and all your environement :
mouse, keyboard, monitor, webcam, microphone, printer, your fingers, your eyes, your body, etc.

Take something literally is a complilation of 25 puzzles.
This game is an abstract, conceptual and original.

The rules are quite simple. Take the hints literally and just think. The solution is always near you. Be aware of your environement. Everybody can play and enjoy this game, You don’t have to be an hardcore gamer…

Have fun