The game you art

The Game You Art (2014)

Game developed in 48h during the 2914 Global Game Jam in Marseille (France).
Unity Game, type: puzzle/platformer.

Game design, level design, sound design, 2D design, Unity development.

Growing Leo

Growing Leo (2013)

Flash game developed in 48h during the 2013 Global Game Jam at Marseille (France).
Game design, level design, 2D design, sound design.

Global Game Jam 2011 Paris: GameXtinction (made in 48h)

Global Game Jam 2011 at Isart Digital Paris FRANCE.

The official tweet feed of Global Game Jam Paris
The official facebook page  of Global Game Jam Paris

That was my first participation at Global Game Jam.

Great people, great team, great organization, great games, great experience.

We made a Flash based game in 48h with the theme Extinction : GameXtinction.
We reach one achievement: Break the 4th wall.


GameXtinction is an original and experimental game with non-conform features.
The main character is a BUG who like to eat game elements.
Every eaten objects create a new bug!
This greedy creature can travel from a game to another with his saucer.
Click to move the bug.

  • Cesar Espejo Pham: 2D artist
  • Betrand Pujol: Sound artist
  • Tahir Vico: 2D artist
  • Audry Vasseaux: 2D artist
  • Benoit Freslon: Game Designer, Coder
Special thanks to Isart Digital and Olivier Lejade.

GameXtinction (2011)

Flash game developed in 58h during the 2001 Global Game in Paris.
Game design, level design, développement Flash, ActionScript 3.