ActionScript 2: setTimeout call a function with a delay

Just in case you forgot how to call a function with a delay or with parameters in ActionScript 2 (as2).
If you are looking for the ActionScript 3 version see this post.
I will show you how to do that, it’s really simple:

That’s all :)

Win 80% performance on Flash ActionScript 2 project

If you have lot of AS 2.0 projets like me you should be happy to know that you could win 80% performance on your projets with 4 lines of ActionScript. But this tip works only on web based projets.

Shoot Or Rust

Shoot Or Rust (2008)

Flash game, puzzle/action game.
Flash development, ActionScript 2

Nano War

Nano War (2008)

Real Time Strategy game with online multiplayer mode with level editor.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 2, 2D design, sound design.

Awards: “Sélection Web Flash festival 2008”, “prix SACD 2008”, “1er prix WhooseGame”. 15M plays

Vegetables Fighting

Vegetables Fighting (2006)

Flash game, student project, Beat’em all with local multiplayer mode.
Game design, Flash development, ActionScript 2.