Fleury Michon : Jump’box – advergame – jump and jump and jump and win prizes

vignette_150x150Here the new game I developed and designed: Jump’Box on Facebook. I create this game for a french agency Castor & Pollux for the french brand: Fleury Michon.
I worked as game designer, level designer and sound designer.

It’a simple but addictive platform game. You have to jump in the “Box” on the top of the tower.
The gameplay is really simple based on the “Mr Crab” game. The hero always runs around the tower and only can change direction against walls. Only one input can make the hero jump. You can jump to avoid obstacles and kill enemies.
You can play on 18 levels on 6 differents worlds with 6 different characters.
And you can win several prizes like an iPad mini, a Sony PS4, a Camera, etc.

Play Jump’Box on Facebook.

It’s a fake 3D game but a simple 2D game engine with lot of effects: parallax, scrolling, smooth moves, shadows, etc. The final render is espacially beautiful.

I used the Starling Framewok and the CitrusEngine framework to develop a Flash game with Stage3D.

Color Fish

My last creation for Teissiere. An advergame designed and developped with Castor & Pollux. This is a Facebook application with contest.
But the constest is over now. By the way this version is only a demo: Only 6 levels are available.

Color is a little puzzle game with physic based gameplay. The player should solve puzzle with dexterity and ingenuity to pouring syrup into an aquarium.

Play Color Fish

GeekIsArt: Gameplay for coders

Logo GeekIsArt

Play GeekIsArt

GeekIsArt is an advergame developed for ISART Digital. This game is designed for coders and future coders.

Discover your programming skills with GeekIsArt ! Help your geek achieve his dream by optimizing his scoring !
The programming department of the school is happy to offer you GeekIsArt, a game based on logic.

PLAY GeekIsArt

You have to program a character (a cute little geek) in order to activate all triggers. But you have to optimise your code like a real programmer.
Optimise every commands by using, function, loop, and logic. You can submit your best score and challenge your friends on 15 levels. Unfortunately the game is only available in french.