Ma dictée magique – Hachette (2015)

Kids application for mobiles and tablets on iOS and Android for Hachette Livre.
Unity development.

Flash with GPU 3D acceleration – Max Racer with p2p multiplayer

An amazing Real Time 3D rendering with multiplayer p2p.
This is not Unity or 3D via player but Flash player with AlternativaPlatform version 8.
Flash is rendering this in 60fps running 1920×1080. Very impressive!
You will be able to get your hands on this API in the first half of 2011.

Teflon Challenge Arena

Teflon Challenge Arena (2008)

3D action/strategy game with asymmetric gameplay, 1v1 online multiplayer. Student project.
Game design, Virtools development.

Awards: “Prix Technique 3DCube 2008”, “Prix Ubisoft aux Emagiciens 2008″.


Z-Project (2007)

Prototype of a 3D game. Student project.
Game design, level design, Virtools development, sound design.

Awards: “Prix de scénario 3DCube 2007”.