Nano War 2.0 private beta 6: multiplayer

Thanks for playing the previous beta versions.
I fixed lot of bugs and I added some features including the multiplayer mode.
Now you are able to play Nano War against 1, 2 or 3 players with the new game system.
The game is still in beta because the multiplayer mode has to be tested and playtested again and again.
There are only 3 maps available : 1v1, 1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1.

You can still play on the private beta here with this password: beta.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to post any bugs or suggestions on the forum (no registration required).

Beta 6 release note:

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Nano War 2 account (You can use your Nano War 1 account)
  • Guest players can play online
  • Game statistics are saved: You win experience points
  • New background music
  • New collision detection in order to win performance
  • Fixed bug when the game is paused
  • Fixed bug when units can interfere the  mouse click
  • Fixed a sound loop when units accelerate
  • New visual asset on the WhitebloodCell + AntibodyCell
  • Units move on his target only when they accelerate
  • The R key can restart the game
  • Fixed autopause bug
  • Fixed the next button is on foreground
  • Fixed bug when game is paused. Special cell are not paused.

ActionScript: Get distance between 2 MovieClips

If you want to get the distance in pixels between 2 graphic objects just use the Pythagorean theorem in ActionScript :).

c² = a² + b²

Download source :

Take Someting Literally 2 private beta

Take something literally 2 logo

Click to play Take something literally 2 beta

After many requests I decided to blow up my brain to design more puzzles. That was hard, that was epic but I finally found 25 more puzzles. And now your are welcome to test here:

Take Something Literally 2 in private beta here.

I hope you will enjoy the new game system, the puzzles, the references and the rewards. If you have any request please post a comment or go to the forum.

A little post mortem about the first episode:

Take something literally 1 was my first “riddle” game. I made this first episode without Internet connection in few days. I made this game for fun. Actually I just started to design one little “game” based on the irreversible choises, the “flash cookies” and the clock system. But after all this idea had a big potential. So I decide to design a lot of litle puzzles based “outside the game”. Against all odds it was a hudge success with players. I knew that some players could not play some puzzles. But that was my choise. I knew that sponsors would be frightened about that. But after the first release on Kongregate and the 1 million plays in one week they changed their opinion.

Take Something Literally 2 (wip): looking for funny rewards

screenshotI almost finished to develop Take Something Literally 2 but I would like to add some special rewards.
Actually i’m looking for 5 funny rewards: 1 reward if you complete 5 puzzles. (see the screenshot).
As you can see with Take Something Literally 1 I try to create original puzzles with original rewards.
The previous ending reward was this one : Keyboard cat

I’m looking for youtube videos, please post a comment with your link(s).
Try to find an original funny movie: no advertising, no copyrighted movie,
no more 3 min.

Thank you.