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And for the cheaters, here the walkthrough.

Think Outside the Box


“EnigmBox” is one of the most original game you can find on the App Store.
If you know the popular flash game “Take Something Literally” you will love this game.
*** This series have been played by millions players. ***
Now this amazing experience is available on iPhone and iPad.
The rules are very simple. You have to think outside the box to solve puzzles to collect all hearts in each level.
This game plays different from your average puzzle game. Use all iPhone functionalities: move it, touch it, take pictures, capture videos, plug accessories, use location service, use all buttons and phone properties.

Everyone can solve those puzzles. Just be a few logical, creative and think outside the box ;).

Some words to describe the game:
Original, surprising, clever, incredible, uncommon, never seen before, amazing, varied, creative, poetic, fun, enigmatic, addictive, outside the box…

Test the game for FREE. You can unlock a lot of puzzles for FREE. Just by watching short videos.


54 puzzles available, from the easiest puzzle to the most “”creative””. For long moment of thinking and pleasure.

Quotes & Reviews, Web version named “Take Something Literally”:

* “You will experience some “ah-HAH!” moments…” JayIsGames.com
* “This wonderful combination of simplicity and abstract thinking is great on its own.”
* “We accept to play Take something literally 2, eyes closed, without even knowing what it is.” Ecrans.fr
* “The Take Something Literally series has some of the most original, fun puzzles of any I’ve ever played. 5/5” on Kongregate.com
* “Everything about this game is amazing.” jeje.net

Awards, web version:

* Selected as Game of the Week by Kongregate.com and JayIsGames.com.
* Selected by King.com, ArmorGames.com, …

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