Nano War



Nano War is a Real Time Strategy action game. In Nano War, you have to annilihate the other entity. You are the blue entity, your opponent is red. Defend, attack, increase your cells and destroy your opponent. Play it in solo mode or against other players on the muliplayer mode.
A level editor is avaliable, create, try and share your own levels.
The multiplayer mode is avaliable in beta test, try it.

How to play

  • To attack another cell : CLICK on your blue cell then CLICK on the red cell. You will send 50% or 99% (keep pressing) of the units from the cell.
  • You have to capture other cells in order to produce your units. The grey cells are neutral and static. The number of units into the cells is limited by their size. Press the SPACEBAR or click outisde to unselect the current cell.
  • Capture the biggest cells to increase the production of units much faster. You can select multiple cells : DRAG and DROP on the empty place. Well, you know all about Nano War. Good luck and have fun! :)

Awards :

  • 2008 : 1st best student game submited on WhoseGame’s contest 2008
  • 2008 : Anthology Web Flash Festival 2008
  • 2008 : SACD Award


Development :

Year : november 2007


  • Benoit Freslon: Game Design, ActionScript, 2D art, sound design,