The vuvuzela game: just for fun

The Vuvuzelga game

The Vuvuzela game

After the hand of Thierry Henry the vuvuzela game.

Play on Facebook:  The vuvuzela game sur Facebook

Game made in 4 hours just for fun :).


Play the vuvuzela game. Blow up the Maradona’s head with your vuvuzela.

How to play:

Just click to “shoot”.

Emebed this game:

Take Something Literally 2: released


The second episode of Take Something Literally was released friday june 4th on

You can play this game by clicking here: Take Something Literally 2. (Exclusive on ArmorGames until Friday)

Like I said, I designed an original, conceptual and non-conform game. Unfortunatly many players expect to see “a classic game”. Therefore they don’t understand the meaning of the game “Take Something Literally”. If I had to describe the main concept of Take Something Literally 1&2 I said: “Make the players play with their environment “. Like the first episode players have to play with their computer inside and outside the game.

If you don’t want to play with your OS, your browser, your mouse and your keyboard I think that Take Something Literally is not for you.

What is this game?

Take Something Literally 2 is a compilation of 25 original puzzles. In this game you just have to think outside the box. This game is abstract, conceptual and uses new interactivities. This new episode contains new features: new scoring system, new tip system and more funny rewards.


Only if you are stuck :)

1st Part :
nd Part:

Why this game?

Actually I had no plans to develop a second episode. The first episode exhausted all resources of Flash. But I received many messages from players asking me to make a new Take Something Literally. I was exciting to work on this game again. So I decided to find 25 new puzzles with the same idea: “Make the players plays with their environment”. I wanted to create something new. I knew that many players would dislike that king of game but I also knew that players would be surprised and entertained to play an original game with original interactions. So I hope that game will entertain many players!

You should also read my last post about Take Something Literally 1&2.

Take Someting Literally 2 private beta

Take something literally 2 logo

Click to play Take something literally 2 beta

After many requests I decided to blow up my brain to design more puzzles. That was hard, that was epic but I finally found 25 more puzzles. And now your are welcome to test here:

Take Something Literally 2 in private beta here.

I hope you will enjoy the new game system, the puzzles, the references and the rewards. If you have any request please post a comment or go to the forum.

A little post mortem about the first episode:

Take something literally 1 was my first “riddle” game. I made this first episode without Internet connection in few days. I made this game for fun. Actually I just started to design one little “game” based on the irreversible choises, the “flash cookies” and the clock system. But after all this idea had a big potential. So I decide to design a lot of litle puzzles based “outside the game”. Against all odds it was a hudge success with players. I knew that some players could not play some puzzles. But that was my choice. I knew that sponsors would be frightened about that. But after the first release on Kongregate and the 1 million plays in one week they changed their opinion.

Nano War 2.0 private beta test

Your are welcome to test my new game Nano War 2.0. Indeed it’s the sequel of Nano War released in may 2008.
New gameplay, new graphics, new music, new AI, new cells, …

If you want to test the private beta click here to play Nano War 2.0 beta and use this password : beta

EDIT: The new version “beta 2 is available”.

Dont forget to report any bugs, errors and feedback on the forum.

La main de Thierry Henry Le jeu flash


J’ai vu ce matin en me levant que le match d’hier soir France – Irlande (pour les qualificatifs de la coupe du monde 2010) avait fait un énorme buzz sur Internet.

Ni une ni deux j’ai sauté sur l’occasion pour faire un mini jeu réalisé en 6 heures.

Pour jouer c’est ici : Jouer à La main de Thierry Henry le jeu de main.

Un nom de domaine spécialement pour l’occasion :

Edit :

Nano War Multiplayer v0.83

sp_image-435108671-1242656607.jpegYou are welcome to test and enjoy the new version of Nano War.
This new release include : new multiplayer levels, new background music, new multiplayer server (low latency and less bugs).

I will start to work on the 2nd Nano War as soon as possible.
However, don’t forget to post any bugs of feedback on the forum. ;)

Have fun !

Play now !

Edit : I’m also happy to see my game on the famous german newspaper DER SPIEGEL:
If your don’t know this famous newspaper like me read this:

How to stop the swine flu – The game


Play How to stop the swine flu – The game

What can i do in 8 hours ? A game about the swine flu of course.
I designed this game in order to test the popularity of game like this.
I saw this game 4 days ago and i was horrified.
I would like to know what can i do in few hours :).

Have fun.