The Vuvuzela Game

The Vuvuzela game (2010)

News game developed during the 2010 World Cup about the “Vuvuzela crisis”.
Game design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

The hand of Thierry Henry

La main de Thierry Henry le jeu (2009)

Newsgame developed with Flash in 10h during the “Hand of the Thierry Henry” crisis  in 2010.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Take Something Literally (2009)

Flash game, creative puzzle compilation games.
Game design, level design, sound design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Awards: 75M plays.

How To Stop The Swine Flu

How to stop the swine flu? The game (2009)

Newsgame developed in 8h during the “Swine Flu” crisis in 2009.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Roll n Jump

Roll And Jump (2009)

Flash game (Air for Android), Arcade game type.
Game design, level design, 2D design, Flash development, ActionScript 3.

Shoot Or Rust

Shoot Or Rust (2008)

Flash game, puzzle/action game.
Flash development, ActionScript 2

Nano War

Nano War (2008)

Real Time Strategy game with online multiplayer mode with level editor.
Game design, level design, Flash development, ActionScript 2, 2D design, sound design.

Awards: “Sélection Web Flash festival 2008”, “prix SACD 2008”, “1er prix WhooseGame”. 15M plays

Teflon Challenge Arena

Teflon Challenge Arena (2008)

3D action/strategy game with asymmetric gameplay, 1v1 online multiplayer. Student project.
Game design, Virtools development.

Awards: “Prix Technique 3DCube 2008”, “Prix Ubisoft aux Emagiciens 2008″.


Z-Project (2007)

Prototype of a 3D game. Student project.
Game design, level design, Virtools development, sound design.

Awards: “Prix de scénario 3DCube 2007”.

Space Ranger

Space Ranger (2006)

“Tower Defense” developed with Game Maker during a student project with a team of 5 people.
Game Maker, game design.