Benoît Freslon
Based in Paris, FRANCE

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7th July, 2013

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EnigmBox is really special game because you have to think and play outside the box to solve puzzles to collect all hearts in each level. This game plays different from your average puzzle game. Use all iPhone functionalities: move it, touch it, take pictures, capture videos, plug accessories, use location service, use all buttons and phone properties. 56 puzzles available, from the easiest puzzle to the most "creative".


I wanted to design an amazing game experience with a new way to play. Like my previous Flash game: « Take Something Literally » you really have to Think Outside the Box. My main inspiration was the Psycho Mantis scene in Metal Gear Solid 1 on PSOne. Everyone remember this because it’s outside the box and original. At the beginning of the project I just looked my smartphone and then I think how to player can interact with a game then I also imagined how they can react. I found a ton of new ways to play. It’s may be the most exciting part of the game development. As a game designer I was focused on the gameplay and the interaction. The abstract and the iconographic design is perfect because everything means something and a little detail can be important. I voluntarily skipped all the narrative element to put the player as soon as possible in the game and because I had to time and no money to justify all puzzles in a story. Surprise the player is my main wish. I always love to see people playing EnigmBox. They do anything with the device to try to solve a puzzle. They are amused and they always want more challenge. Some puzzles are like magic tricks because players can’t understand how that can work! I also understood that players love to be challenged and they love novelty. It’s very different from the other game on mobile but I really wanted to take a risk with this kind of game. I want to offer a unique game experience.


  • Think oustide the box to solve creative puzzles.
  • A game really unique that will surprise you every time.
  • 56 different puzzles and more are coming.
  • Enjoy some inventive and astonishing times with your phone, a way your never expect!
  • Everyone can solve those puzzles, using creative and inventive solution.


The official Trailer 2018 YouTube

The introduction video [CONTAINS SPOILERS] YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Indie Prize award: Best In Show Critics Choice award" Casual Connect Asia 2016 @ Singapore, 18 May, 2016
  • "Winner of the Indie Prize award: Most Innovative Game award" Casual Connect Asia 2016 @ Singapore, 18 May, 2016
  • "Nomination for the Best Mobile Game of the year" International Mobile Gaming Awards , 02 February, 2017
  • "Nomination for the Indie Prize award: Best Mobile Game award" Casual Connect Asia 2016 @ Singapore, 18 May, 2016
  • "Nomination for the most original game Award" European Indie Game Days 2013, 25 November, 2013
  • "Nomination for the AdoptMyGame Award: Most Innovative award" AdoptMyGame.com awards , 15 September, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "EnigmBox really pushes you to think unconventionally, and this is why I especially recommend this game. - 5/5"
    - Sara Clayton, theiphoneappreview.com
  • "This entertainment is addicting with prety surprises."
    - Les Jeux Mobiles, lesjeuxmobiles.canalblog.com
  • "An unbelivable range of simple puzzles, but sometimes bluffing in the way of using the support."
    - Amaebi, GameKult.com
  • "The interactive title uses everything around the player to solve puzzles, ranging from your phone’s charger to a keyboard to the dark caverns of your pocket."
    - Drew Weissman, haogamers.com
  • "Once in a while a puzzler comes alone that is just so beautiful and addictive, ... - 4/5"
    - knowthyapp, knowthyapp.com (down)

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About Benoît Freslon

I’m a French professional game designer and a game developer since 2006. I create independent Flash games and mobile games. Most of my games were awarded and played million times. I love to design and develop original games with new gameplay. I also love to experiment new game experiences.

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EnigmBox Credits

Benoît Freslon
Game developer, Freelancer

Ludovic Grieco
2D Artist, UI

Antoine Grelet
Sound designer

Clément Soulier
Web developer

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